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We offer a convenient, cost-effective and comprehensive calendar of interactive livestreams hosted by college admissions departments and nationally recognized college prep experts.

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StreamableU in the News

(01/21/2020) The Kalamazoo Promise and Streamable Learning are excited to announce a partnership to provide live and interactive educational programming to Kalamazoo Public Schools
(01/21/2020) StreamableU and the Gap Year Association Announce Gap Year Exploration Month
(08/28/2019) New Streaming Service Produces Virtual College Fairs
(08/08/2019) Announcing StreamableU: Comprehensive College Prep, Planning and Admissions Livestreaming Programs for High School Students


Virtual College Prep


College Financial Aid Basics

Watch a sample program by Evelyn Alexander.

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Study Hacks: Ace Your Exams

Watch a sample program by Nikki Bruno.

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There is more to college admission planning than just preparing for the SAT or ACT. That is why StreamableU has designed a comprehensive calendar of livestreams that will allow you to explore all the aspects of preparing for and applying to college. In the process, we will help you improve your organizational skills, increase your confidence in your future planning and of course, increase your test scores.




At $99 per family, per year, our college admissions and test prep livestreams are far less expensive than other available services. StreamableU gives you access to over 100 livestreams per year - that’s less than a dollar per livestream!




It goes without saying that today’s teens are busy. So the final hurdle in creating StreamableU was tackling convenience. How did we make our comprehensive, cost-effective programming convenient to access? We solved it in three ways:

  • Interactive livestreams - attend our livestreams on your computer, tablet or phone - no travel required! Because the events are live, you can ask questions of the experts during the presentations.
  • A calendar of livestreams, offered on multiple dates and times, scheduled in advance. This way our subscribers know the full schedule of livestreams from day one and can plan accordingly.
  • Recordings - when you aren’t able to attend a livestream, you can watch a recording later at your convenience.


We Help Students Succeed


  • Establish and carry out a winning academic and extracurricular game plan
  • Develop a list of prospective schools which best meet their needs
  • Set up college visits and prepare for interviews
  • Maximize standardized test scores and academic achievement
  • Establish a timeline which helps them move step-by-step through the process
  • Dramatically increase their potential for successful admission
  • Create effective essays for college and scholarship applications
  • Locate and secure vital financial assistance and/or scholarships


A Great Deal Gets Better

Schools, Districts, Corporations and Foundations

If you are a school or district that would like to pass the word about the service to your college-bound students and families and enable them to get a discounted rate you can apply to get a discount code below. Corporations wishing to add the service as a benefit for employees with college-bound students or foundations that wish to purchase seats for a group of students or families, can also apply for a discount code.

Click here to apply for a discount code.

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$99 College Prep Subscription


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Virtual College Fairs

Gap Year Exploration Month - February 2020


FREE and open to the public, StreamableU and The Gap Year Association invite you to explore dozens of Gap Year opportunites.

Explore Gap Year Livestreams

Alma College

Watch the recording from our live broadcast on 12/11/2018.

View Sample Livestream Recording

University of Detroit Mercy

Watch the recording from our live broadcast on 12/06/2018.

View Sample Livestream Recording

Visiting colleges is one of the more exciting parts of the college planning process and is always highly recommended by admission professionals. Of course, if your school is on their list, the college will be coming to you through the time-honored tradition of the regional or local college fair. With StreamableU, we’ve created another option: interactive college admission livestreams.

Convenient and cost-effective, because it's free.

Join our livestreams and interact with college admission officers, student panels, alumni, and professors and most importantly, get answers to your questions.

The college admission livestreams are free to any prospective college student (13 years or older) and their families, guidance counselors and any other school or district personnel. Just browse the calendar of livestream events, register and attend as many as you like.

The livestream format is as follows:

  • 20 to 40 minute livestreams
  • Interactive, chat-based live Q&A

Our college admissions service is designed to offer you a convenient, cost-effective method for learning about and interacting with colleges and universities prior to a physical college visit or their visit to your school or college fairs. Attend our livestreams with family, friends or classmates and help find out which school is right for you.

If you are a College, University, Gap-year organization, or equivalent and would like to host a livestream with us, click here to set up a consultation.


Customized College Fairs (for Districts)


Allow our team to custom-build a unique and exclusive virtual college fair for your district(s).


To set up a consultation, contact us.

How it Works

Using a computer, tablet, or mobile device...

Step 1: Browse

Discover interactive livestreams on our calendar.

Step 2: Book

Register to attend a livestream.

Step 3: Attend

Click on the link sent to you via email.

Step 4: Interact

Chat live with presenters.


About Us


Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Streamable Learning, Inc. is the leading provider of live and interactive streaming in the K-12 market. Each year, we host over 450 live streams from a global community of content partners and have revolutionized access to distance learning programming for schools, districts and homeschools in the U.S. and Canada.

We are very excited to announce our latest live and interactive streaming service. We call it StreamableU and its design is the culmination of countless conversations with schools, districts, colleges, universities and leaders in the college planning industry.

Our Mission

To enhance and equalize access to postsecondary admissions programming and college planning information, so that everyone can prepare for life beyond high school.

Our Commitment